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Choose Jaden Export factoring, choose success


Choose Jaden Export factoring, choose success

Founded in 2012Jaden (Shenzhen) Commercial Factoring Co., LTD has been at the forefront of international trade and global financing after years of industry experience. As a financial organization rooted in Qianhai Free Trade Area in Shenzhen, Jaden specializes in cross-border non-resource factoring. It has established offices and branches in Europe and America, combined credit insurance, financing with debt collection, and passed national 3A credit certification to provide the worldwide small and medium export enterprises with simplified, flexible and top-level service.

In order to provide professional, efficient, flexible and reliable factoring services, the company has built a professional elite team, and has strong strategic partners including Port Capital, Huaxia Bank, Sinosure, Jaden Capital, Jaden (HK) supply chain, Arising Capital, Highoutput Capital and other famous enterprise groups.

Jaden factoring’s goal is to be the leading player of Chinese export factoring business.

Jaden’s Main business and strength: no-resource export factoring

Jaden Factoring provides high-quality cross-border non-recourse export factoring services for enterprises, and provides advance payment services for shipments up to 120 days according to the factory's overseas buyer's forward payment requirements. After the company shipments and the information submission, Jaden can quickly convert the accounts receivable from the overseas buyers of the factory to cash within 4-6 working days so that the factory can withdraw funds in the shortest time, solve the problem of liquidity shortage and enhance the core competitiveness. Adhering to efficient operation, Jaden maximizes the financing efficiency and achieves up to 80% of the loan in advance.

Jaden Factoring has a strong global trade network, which is more conducive to overseas accounts receivable. For the overseas accounts receivable after the export of the factory, Jaden Factoring provides a 100% risk guarantee, and the factory can collect the foreign exchange payment in advance, which is competitive and makes the factory get the overseas accounts receivable without worries. According to the factory demand, Jaden Factoring checks the credit line of its overseas buyers and provides a 100% risk guarantee for the accounts receivable resulting from the factory delivery within the verified credit line.

In addition to no recourse export factoring, Jaden also provides other factoring services such as import factoring, reverse factoring, extended factoring, and more flexible supply chain financial support. Our partners cover manufacturers, wholesalers, traders and purchasers, covering such a wide range of industries as garment and textile, consumer products, food and beverage, electronics, industrial machinery, etc.

Come and joint with Jaden!


Corporate with Jaden Factoring, you don't have to worry about the following problems:

ž   The high threshold of bank financing leads to the difficulty of financing.

ž   Long production cycle and long account receivable lead to long turnover time of capital.

ž   Uncertain overseas buyers' credit leads to high risk of overseas receipts.

ž   Challenges in capturing financing for firms with low asset base: unsecured loans are difficult to get


Jaden Export Factoring is your first choice!