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60 trillion large industry broke out on the eve of you ready?


In the 4G era, the faster transmission rate led to the outbreak of various types of mobile Internet applications, and during the period, 5G will serve as the industry focus, to further promote the 5G support mobile Internet, Internet of things integration innovation and development for 2020 Year to start 5G commercial laying the industrial base. For the Internet of Things, 5G will become the golden key to open the Internet of Things era.

5G network business and then upgrade the fast pace of the Internet


Internet of things is not new things, at the beginning of the rise of the Internet, it was suggested that all things can be interconnected through the network, which is considered the earliest definition of things. Today, with the integration of the Internet and advanced communications technology, mobile Internet has become a reality. Today, the application of things including agriculture, military, transportation, medical, logistics, retail, security, public utilities, including a number of areas.

November 2016, held in Wuzhen third World Internet Conference, you can achieve "all things interconnected" 5G technology prototype selected 15 "black technology" - the world's leading Internet results 5G to Gigabit mobile network and artificial intelligence forward。

55G technology compared to the current 4G technology, the peak rate will increase several times, from the 4G 100Mb / s increased to dozens of Gb / s. In other words, 1 second can download more than 10 high-definition movies, users can support the number of connections increased to 1 million users / square kilometers, you can better meet the Internet of things such as massive access scenarios.

As of November 2016, China's 4G users reached 734 million, accounting for the proportion of mobile phones reached 55.7%. At the same time, China has formed a 4G system, terminal, chip, instrumentation and other complete industrial chain, system manufacturers in the global 4G field in a dominant position.

 With 4G into the scale of commercial stage, for the 2020 and the future 5G has become a global research and development hot spots. 5G will become a propeller for the development of the Internet of Things, providing the user with the necessary connectivity flexibility, and providing the core tools needed to drive the standard networking components. At present, the world's major countries and regions, including Japan, Korea, the European Union and the United States are beginning to start the 5G commercial plan, according to the prospective industry research institute "China Internet of Things industry market demand and investment opportunities analysis report" is expected 2020E domestic Internet industry scale Up to 2 trillion.

    “Thirteen is an important transition period for 5G technology reserves and commercialization. In the technical standards, business models and security issues such as no new breakthrough before the development of things will continue in the eve of the outbreak. I believe the advent of 5G, will accelerate the rapid development of Internet of Things industry.