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Southeast Asian electricity business headlines: UnionPay how to contract Singapore big


This year's Southeast Asian telecom headlines concerned about a number of retail related news: how the UnionPay card with the brand marriage, Vietnam 2016 what sold well, Paytm how to open up line network. The following is the details:

UnionPay card "contract" Singapore line under the brand shop

UnionPay cards in Singapore and many international brands to join the use of UnionPay cards to buy Bath & Body Works, Kate Spade New York (all stores), Michael Kors (all stores), Victoria's Secret (new Singapore stores), Tumi and other "excellent program" brand Get full discount, in addition to the crocodile counter consumption, buy Coach new can also get a certain discount.

Singapore Uber driver began to study in the first half of this year

In response to the rise of emerging services such as Uber and Grab, while protecting the safety of passengers, the Singapore Land and Transport Bureau will implement the basic management regulations for private taxi drivers and convoys in the first half of this year. If the driver of a private car service provider (such as Uber, Grab) has been found to have three illegal passengers within 12 months, including no professional license, no valid insurance or no registration with the Land and Trade Bureau, may be suspended. It is reported that this means that Uber and Grab drivers need to obtain the relevant license, buy insurance, the car also posted security stickers, etc. can engage in network bus service.






阿里巴巴和蚂蚁金服投资的印度支付工具Paytm宣布与数个品牌达成合作,进一步扩大线下网络,目前合作品牌包括耐克、The Body Shop(美体小铺,英国)、Mothercare(母婴品牌,英国)、Sunglass Hut(太阳镜品牌,美国)等等。