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Jiedeng Shenzhen Asset Corporation is an international trade and import a comprehensive service platform. Headquartered in Shenzhen City. Jiedeng Group relies on the provision of international technical solutions and improved pre-IPO business incubation training, customs clearance, international trade settlement. More than 20 years of export supply chain financial business and overseas subsidiaries directly to the platform to create a wealth of pathways and professional international absolute superiority, matching the assets of the upper and lower assets dedicated to enterprises to create a global import and export trade enterprises integrated service ecosystem, Which achieve production and marketing into one of the one-stop foreign trade import and export e-commerce platform.


Development path

The company began in 1992 is a professional engaged in a variety of leisure camping and garden supplies and footwear private import and export trade enterprises, the main products such as: tents, sleeping bags, hammocks and bed and leisure beach chairs and women's fashion shoes 100 Many varieties and styles, mainly export products, exported to Europe, North America, South America, Africa, more than 60 countries and regions, welcomed by foreign users, the company from the beginning of the establishment of the three companies to the current Has a group of professional product design and sales of professionals in the professional company, the current staff of 14 undergraduate or higher degree 10, the annual turnover of 2000-3000 million and dozens of suppliers nationwide to establish a long-term, stable business relationship, the company implemented strict quality control management system to ensure that users get high-quality service, excellent quality assurance and the most competitive prices. However, with China's accession to the WTO, the Chinese government has broken the monopoly of foreign trade, gradually relaxed, reducing the barriers to access to foreign trade, and strongly encourage and support the production enterprises directly operating import and export business, which is a serious trade-oriented enterprises Of the test, more and more intense competition, the original old business model has been an unprecedented challenge, we used to participate in domestic trade fairs abroad professional product exhibition to understand customers, the development of customers, in this year when more investment more than 100 million, but also hundreds of thousands of small, participation fees are a number of significant business expenses, with the advent of information technology, online shopping, e-commerce gradually put aside the strange veil, into the household, into A lot of business enterprises, online shopping not only save time, but also in the online purchase of commodity prices are often cheaper than the store, but also shop around, which makes online shopping by the younger generation of favor, but also become their main consumption , With the passage of time, this new way of consumption has gradually been accepted by the elderly To online shopping as the main mode of consumption is also very fast, e-commerce is also to the advantage of its timeliness, intuitive and low-cost carriers has gradually become an important means of business product marketing and sales will be.
Advancing with the times, into the future, the company is also aware of the Internet information age great impact, the establishment of e-commerce platform without delay. Companies to operate their own years of outdoor leisure products and women's shoes as the basis for recruiting engaged in e-commerce experience and technical personnel, integration of resources, reduce costs, hoping to create a day in the field of e-commerce.

Company culture

Integrity-based, Service-oriented, Refined excellence, Pro-symbiotic

Vision / mission

Continue to listen and meet customer needs, through technology and service innovation, to create value for customers.
Fully respect and trust the staff, improve the staff training system and career development channel, to help employees achieve value.
To promote the development of the Internet + foreign trade, and partners to grow together to create value for the industry