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Choose Jaden Group, towards the whole world

Jaden (Shenzhen) Capital Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Jaden Group), with its headquarters in Shenzhen, is an international and comprehensive foreign trade service platform for import and export. It is committed to creating an integrated global import and export trade service ecosystem for enterprises and realizing the integration of production and marketing. Based on more than 20 years' export supply chain financial business and overseas business experience, Jaden Group has rich channels and absolute advantages in platform building. It can provide international technical plans and incubator training pre listed business, customs clearance, international trade settlement and other services for customers.

Jaden Group launched in 1994. It is a private import and export trade enterprise specializing in all kinds of leisure camps, garden supplies and footwear. The products exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America and Africa, are well received by overseas users. The company has developed from a small company with several staff at the beginning of its establishment into a professional company with a number of professional product design and sales personnel. With the rich experience of international market, the company has established a good cooperative relationship with many international enterprises, with a yearly turnover of tens of millions of dollars. It also has established long-term and stable business relationship with dozens of suppliers in China.

With the development of the internet and the change of consumption mode, Jaden group is keeping pace with the times, actively adjusting the management strategy, making industrial extension and capital operation based on maintaining the growth of import and export, gradually forming a strategic pattern of mutual development and mutual promotion of import and export, investment and capital operation. Jaden Group focuses on one industry and diversified businesses to promote a comprehensive and steady development.

In 2012, the commercial factoring department of Jaden group established, specializing in cross-border non-resource factoring, setting up offices and branches in Europe and the Americas. It has been at the forefront of international trade and global financing after years of industry experience, and becomes the leading player in China's export factoring business. In 2013, Jaden Group began to invest in the internet industry. Now it has the following six subsidiaries or equity holding companies: High Output Capital USA, Dallas Shoe Company, Shenzhen Jaden Industrial and Trading Company, Hongkong Wankai Enterprise, Shenzhen High Output Network Technology Company, Shenzhen Jaden IoT Company, Weizhong Incubating Training company etc.

Since its establishment, Jaden group has maintained a continuous, stable and healthy rapid development, and gradually accumulated a strong corporate culture. With the faith of “integrity-based, service-oriented, excellence-sophisticated, affinity-symbiosis” and with the vision of “create value for customers, for employees, and for industry”, Jaden will continue to make a positive contribution to promote the development of new industry of “Internet + foreign trade”.


In the future, Jaden Group will continue to dream as horse, and run with dream.