Customs clearance
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Customs clearance
Basic product - customs clearance

Service advantage:Each person has more than 10,000 practical experience, all kinds of products to declare professional requirements, a thorough understanding of customs policy, good customs clearance speed fast.

Service description:Under normal circumstances, customers need to contact one day in front of wealthy logistics customs clearance before orders. Fill in the export order confirmation letter according to the rich and strong requirements. If the product needs commodity inspection services, according to the commodity inspection requirements need to be listed separately and notify the rich logistics clearance.


Basic product - customs clearance

Service advantage:Speed settlement, the fastest 3 hours to pay to the factory account.

Service description:At present, Fuqiang does not accept remittances from Iran, Congo (DRC), Liberia, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar and other countries;
At the same time the following 'Jiedeng' do not accept:
(1) money laundering on the high risk list within the remittance bank
(2) Terrorists, money laundering high-risk list of the remitter
(3) the goods are not dealing with the type of goods, such as arms