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Employee Benefits
  • Shenzhen Fuqiang Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. provides employees with a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment, paying more attention to the protection of employees' lives. According to the regulations, Director; and regular health check every year, for the staff of the health checks!
  • Every year, regular domestic tourism, outdoor outing and many other activities, so that employees in the hard work, can be appropriate to relax, due to the participation of open families, but also to the company and each family more closely linked together.
  • Monthly birthday is happy to congratulate all employees on "Happy Birthday", and of course, birthday cake and birthday present. Three gift of the big delivery is the rich and strong employees of another happy moment, from the gift of choice to display, release , Fu Gong are all dedicated to the rich and strong colleagues for the benefit!
  • We hope that each colleague, in addition to the existing areas of work, efforts to play the director, but also hope that colleagues can spontaneously cultivate the second expertise; training, only a part of daily life, to stimulate the staff's curiosity, is Our ultimate goal, so that colleagues can get the greatest help from the work!


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