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Financing factoring

Founded in 2010, today Jieteng Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. has been at the forefront of international trade finance. As a rooted in China's financial institutions, the main cross-border without recruiting factoring, in Europe, the Americas has offices and branches. With a combination of credit protection, financing and collection in one of the trade financing products for small and medium-sized exporters around the world to provide streamlined, flexible and first-class service.

No recourse for export factoring

Accounts receivable buyout: 3-4 days into cash flow
100% credit insurance: Peace of mind without risk
Up to 80% -90% advance Loan: Maximizing financing efficiency
Overseas account collection: Global Collection Network


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Small and medium-sized enterprises financing difficulties: bank financing threshold is too high  |                  
 Enterprise cash flow a long time: the production cycle is long, long payment period
Overseas collection of high risk: overseas buyers credit situation is uncertain  |  Light assets of enterprises is difficult to loan financing: not low ah difficult to finance

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Import factoring, reverse factoring, extension of factoring, and more flexible supply chain financial support!